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Dogs are very welcome.


Water bowl and dog towels supplied.

Your dogs are very welcome and can stay without charge. You have full use of an extensive garden, which is fenced in, so they can't escape. We also provide a dog bowl and a dog towel - very useful for when they return all muddy if it's been raining. The only thing we do insist on, if that's okay, is you do not let your dogs up on the sofa or on to the beds. Please also don’t leave your dogs behind unattended when you go out. When your dogs do a poo, please pick it up with a poo bag and dispose of it in the black dustbin to the left of the front door as you're facing it.

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Any questions, do get in touch.

Address: York Lodge, Five Bells Lane, Nether Wallop, Hants SO20 8HE. Tel: 01264 781 313.

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